Hautpflege im Winter: Interview mit unserer Co-Gründerin Laura

Skin care in winter: Interview with our co-founder Laura

What are your must-have products for winter?

“In winter, the skin is extremely stressed by the cold temperatures and dry heating air. I therefore recommend maintaining the skin with particularly moisturizing products. That's why I recommend the combination of The Serum | Intense Hyaluronic Boost and The Face Cream | Pure hydration. For the extra moisture boost ours The Mask | Intense hydration.“


What is your personal insider tip to look fresh in the morning?

"My insider tip: the Intense hydration mask Use as an overnight mask. Simply apply thicker after cleaning, let it work in, massage briefly and leave on your skin overnight. The next morning only wash off with lukewarm water. Then I use our 'Radiant Glow & Vitamin C serum' followed by 'The Face Cream'. So the skin has a natural glow and looks revitalized by the caffeine. ”


What skin problems do you have to fight with at the moment?

"At the moment I occasionally struggle with dry skin and impurities in the T-zone. My motto is' less is more '. When it comes to impure skin, I recommend'The Mask | Pink Clay & Sea Water' and 'The Serum | Skin Perfecting' - Real game changer in my routine.

For dry areas I set up 'The Serum | Intense Hyaluronic Boost', 'The Face Cream | Pure hydration' and 'The Mask | Intense hydration'that donate intensely moisture without complaining.

By the way: If you are not sure which products fit you, I would Skin test recommend. "


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