Mineralöl in Kosmetik - Das solltest du wissen

Mineral oil in cosmetics - you should know that

In cosmetic products there are sometimes many for humans and uMul questionable or even harmful ingredients, for which mineral oil, among other things, alsoE hearingen. Many of these ingredients are extremely controversial and yet too often In several Products to find. With Bayage Beauty want act transparently and clarify. Wir forego contentSSubstances that as apply questionable and put a new standard For clean cosmetics. It is our mission you as To educate customers about certain topics in the industry. Today we look andS Mineral oils more precisely or ingredients, which are made from mineral oil. Mineral oil will For over a hundred years in the cosmetic industry used, But what exactly are mineral oils and why they are considered questionable in cosmetics? 

What are mineral oils? 

The mineral oils used in cosmetic products are obtained from oil. Oil becomes from the remains of vegetablen and animaln Fabrics Made that were exposed to extremely high pressure and high temperatures deep in the earth's crust.Sofar that sounds completelynaturally, or?But to be approved for cosmetics, that mustCrude oil are first cleaned. This is referred to as a refining.A number of steps and countless refiningprocesses The crude oil goes through, until itinCosmetics can be used.This processE areextremely environmentally harmful anddangerous simultaneously. There have been explosions in refineries several times, most recently in Germany in 2018. Das mineral oil,which itself In skin care productslocatedis subjected to such an extensive cleaning that there is hardly anything left of the original material afterwards. This cleaned material is also used in the development of medication.Plant oils also becomecleaned, Before they can be used, this process is much more environmentally friendly, safer and the products are usually harmless. 

Mineral oilyou can under the following namesin the InpeculiarLactual Find: 

  • Paraffinum liquidum 
  • Cera Microcristallina 
  • Petrolatum/Vaseline 
  • Microcristallina Wax Ceresin 
  • mineralOilOzokerite 

Why is mineral oil used in cosmetics? 

In the cosmetic industryismineral oil extremely popular. Ofhis Outputfabric, the oil,distinctionT it clearly. It is cleaned and prepared in several steps. This creates color and odorless raw materials. 

mineral oil Is in differentConsistencieshow zfor example As a wax or liquid oil can be used and it can be easily processed. Because it does not oxidized, isitvery long -lastingwhat is extremely profitable for companiesis. 

However, the decisive factor is the price. Mineral oil is much cheaper than high -quality vegetable alternatives. So it is used by many companies and voleBaby oil almost exclusively consist of mineral oil. Aberalso body lotions, soaps and shampoosoften contain a high proportion of mineral oil  

What effects have mineral oils on our skin? 

Mineral oils have little positive effects for our skin.Mineral oil contains no vitamins, antioxidants or minerals. It consists made of large, long -chain molecules that are not absorbed by the skinbe able. So it subsides Only on the skinOf the thereby FilmVobstaclethat isaLoss of moisture of the skin And in front of external influences, such as B. protect air pollutants, howeverthe oil does not donate anyraw Humidity. 

The mineral oil still has a decisive disadvantage- it closes thePores. So is seed and dirt, what conversely can lead to pimples and impurities. Also canFurther ingredientsE with acaregiver Effect do not penetrate the skin. FinallyIf only the symptoms are alleviated at short notice and there is no sustainable effect.  

Are mineral oils harmful or not? 

BasicZLich are mineral oils In the cosmetics industry as securely advertised, provided that they have a strict, from the EU-Cosmetik regulation specified Running and cleaning process, which is known at all times. In a statement, this wroteBfR in 2018: „According to the current scientific level of knowledge, from the perspective ofBfR Health risks for consumers are not expected to use cosmetic means on the skin. “But howeverSwiselythe report Gaps on and a lot is very imprecise 

First of all,a distinction is made between two components of the mineral oil:ZThere are saturated hydrocarbons (Mosh) that make up the largest proportion And on the other hand, aromatic hydrocarbons (MOAH). The latter is suspected, to be carcinogenic when the body is absorbed.So far there is no recognizable risk of cancer for Mosh, but the fabric is stored in shapetiny granulomasthat are extremely inflammatory, in fat, liver, spleen and lymph nodes. In this regard there are stillGEwiss uncertaintiesBegg of health rating for people, which is why many institutes are advised against it, Mineral oiltopical to apply.A "insufficient data situation" is also described in the evaluation of MOAH in order to complete a potential risk of cancer. 

In of the food industry are mineral oilsLikewiseA big unclear topic. With mineral oil -containing printing inks, recycling boxes and containers/packaging of the food, the potentially harmful substances also get into our system. Inrecycledn CardboardS are often large amounts of mineral oil residuesTIgen printing colors from old newspapers to findIn Manufacturing processen reachLikewiseMineral oils in our food. BIt is in the case of ready mealsthis is often the case. However, there are NUr GuidelineE, Dieserve as a basis for assessment might 

Why is thereno such guideline in theCosmeticsE, we ask ourselves 

Lipsticks, which are mainly based on mineral oils,become ourr Lips with the tongue partially absorbed from the saliva and thus get into our body. Moah and Mosh can also get into our bodies via creams on our hands. Thiscircumstancesbecome under other Not in the reporttaken into accountbut could lead to a new resultViEle health institutions advise against this, mineral oil -containingCare andCosmetic products, as well as decorative cosmetics to use. 

What is the effects of using mineral oil on our environment? 

Nebn den Effects on humans, we also want the environment enter into. It is well known, that theExtractionof oil, negativeConsequences for environmentHaT. This has thevarious reasons. Starting with the searchpetroleum, promotion, processing up to transport, grab all steps In our ecosystemaNext tothe many disasters, The in connection with oilare created (Explosions,Oil leaksEtc.), gelong each yearadditionally1 million tons of oil In the environment. Coasts, marine animals,Coral reefare immediatelyaffected and thereby endangered. In addition comecountless Forests, which are cut down for funding, indigenous tribes, who lost their homelanderen, coastal regions, that are converted into industrial areas. During the funding Oil leaks nearly everyday and Contaminate waters, floors and arable land. The refining of the crude oil is also harmful to the environment. Among other things, sulfur oxides, hydrocarbons and dust particles are released. Also comeen the refinery waste, Whichfurther processed have to become before theyvoLlye can be disposed of. 

What alternatives are there? 

With Bayage Beauty we want on the one handexploit about this, which is why we do without certain ingredients and on the other handabovesubjects howthis attention skimmingen. 

Nowadays there are many vegetable alternatives toomineral oilcontaining ingredients. They are mostly rich in vitamins and antioxidants, care and Schthe skin is at least as good, most of timeeven better. OurBayage BeautyThe Balm is based onCocoa butter and castor oilthat relieve both irritated skin, donate moisture and are rich in antioxidants. The Hand Cream puts ontherichnJuice of theAloe vera and nourishingYeahDhe base manyr Creamscanthrough herbal triglycerides (also ImHauto -ownedSebum containandvery effective) ersett will. So can be on Mineral oils Gupright verbe inThe waiver of mineral oil is notonly an environmentally friendly solution,but also has many advantages for human health. 

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