"We only use the best and safest ingredients."

With everything we do, the protection of your skin and your health is our primary goal. That is why we only use the best and safest ingredients. We constantly re -evaluate and continuously develop our standards.

For us, this claim is by no means a hurdle, but an unconditional prerequisite for the best possible and above all sustainable positive effect.

We deliberately choose fragrances for certain products to sensorically improve them. Fragrances have no influence on the effectiveness of a product - they increase the well -being of the user and thus contribute to an improved product experience.
We do not use fragrances for all facial applications.

Bayage Clean Beauty Principles
  • Animal -friendly
  • Free of silicones
  • Free of sulfate
  • Free of microplastics
  • Free of mineral oils

  • Since science produces new knowledge every day, the Bayage Clean Beauty Principles are not rigid. They are continuously developed according to the latest findings.

    Animal experiments are prohibited for European manufacturers. In some countries outside the EU, animal experiments are not yet prohibited or sometimes prescribed. That is why we want to continue to put animal welfare into the focus of consumers.

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