Beauty Food – Schönheit beginnt im Inneren

Beauty food - beauty begins inside

A nice, pure, of course radiant skin - does not everyone want that? A pure and healthy complexion not only seesdesirableWell, but often reflects the health of our body and the soul. The right cosmetics can already help you, but in fact the key to what you want to achieve is not predominantly in the Outer! AroundoneGetting healthy, happy skin, you first have to think from the inside out. We don't necessarily meandirectto nAcreationn grip. WTake Arum capsules if you can cook it too? 

There are various ingredients, vitamins, fats and sugar that can all have different effects on our complexion. Of course, every body reacts a little differently, so shouldt yours Try yourself, what kind ofyouis working. Nevertheless, the effect of nutrition on our skin should not be underestimated - after all, the skin is our largest organ and reflects the entire health of humans.  

Anti -inflammatory foods 

Inflammation is the defense reaction of our body on inner and external irritation. When the organism works to work against it, this often leaves side effects in the complexion. The consequences: pimples, reddening of the skin, dry spots or rash. To prevent inflammation, you can support the body with the right nutrition. 

Tomatoes, turmeric, blueberries, garlic - They are all anti -inflammatory foods. Tomatoes contain a lot of lycopine. This Protects the skin from UV damage and filters pollutants from the cells. Drinking a lot also helps the body. 

With some foods, caution is advised because they can even promote inflammation. These include white sugar, wheat and red meat. That is why we only recommend these foods in small quantities to consume. 

Food with antioxidants 

Antioxidants Offer Protectionbefore so -called „free Radical". sheform itself to the a through body Processes andto the others through outer Influences how z. B.Cigarette smoke, UV-radiation or Environmental toxinsradical are highly reactive, thereyou a unpaired electroncontain. Sie tie itself onother Cellsin the Body anddestroy thisin which you a Electron "steal". The damagethis Cellscan to Early Skin aging, pale andimpure skinto lead.   

Antioxidants in turn tie itself onfree radical andAct thereby also anti -inflammatoryBlueberries andnuts contain a lot of Vitamin Eone thestrongest Antioxidants. Sweet potatoesCarrotMelon andApricot arein turn rich onCarotenoidWhich Skin andCell renewal support 

spinach, Asparagus andbasil contain Vitamin K, whichLime deposits in theBlood vessels reducedChia seeds contain selenium, whichin the Bodyone Strength antioxidativeEffect Has. 

Drink a lot 

A study by the Berlin Charité showed that a lotwaterDrinking the vitality of the skin. Even 10 minutes after the liquid intake, the skin is better supplied with blood, thus getting more oxygen and the skin metabolism is stimulated. The increased metabolism promotes the defense and protective function of the skin. 

It is not to be forgotten that water also detoxifies because it floods slags (toxins).Coconut waterhas a lot of advantages for the body, under It contains vitamin C and E and is therefore antioxidant. You should have sugary drinks such as B. Lemonaden rather avoid, because they contain a lotIndustrialUckers and do not do your blood sugar level or your skin well. Our alternative proposal: tea made of fresh leaves. This contains minerals and antioxidants that can support healing and detoxification processes. 

Do without sugar 

Healthy blood is equivalent to healthy skin. If we have too high a sugar content in our blood,can this only be laboriously broken down by the body. Micro -infections are caused by the collagen and elastin in our skin. EspeciallyWhite sugarcontributes to the formation of pimples. 

Knownthere is healthierAlternatives to sweeten, such asDates, agavenDIcke juice, coconut blossom sugar and many more. Of course, these should also be enjoyed in moderation.  


We already have a lot of vitaminE mentioned,which is positive On our healthaffect. The most important vitamins for the skin are under otherVitamin A, B3, C, and E. Every vitamin has a different effect on the skin. 

Vitamin A (Beta carotene) protects the cells from oxidation, a deficiency leads to dry skin.Kale, Kaki, carrots and spinach contain e.g. a highPainting ofVitamin A. 

vitamin C Supports the surface structure of the skin and keeps it elastic by helping to produce proteins and reduce more slowly. It stimulates the collagen andElastin production on. In addition, dhe cell renewalsuggested what the Early skin aging.The result is a radiant skin. Did you know that cabbage contains more vitamin C than an orange? AlsoBroccoli,Citrus Fruits, strawberries, peppers contain healthy amounts of the vitamin. 

Vitamin E helps with damaged and dry skin. A high vitamin E content in the skin promotes smooth wrinkles, increases the moisture memory and has an anti -inflammatory effect.Avocados, almonds, raspberries, sunflower and olive oil, savoy cabbage and tomatoes Should you eat to increase your vitamin e household. 

Ultimately now toVitamin B3: Biotin supports the skin's own regeneration processes by ensuring that cell growth and cell division. Among other things, it tightens the skin and makes us look fresh. It also strengthens our hair and nails because it stimulates keratin production. To get enough vitamin B3, you shouldNuts, oatmeal, egg, soybeans and avocado In Integrate your nutrition plan. 

Healthy fat food 

Not all fats are unhealthy. Many fats are even very important for the body.Among other things, fats are used in the body to have fat -solubleTo record vitamins (A, D, E and K).In addition, our body cannot produce some vital fats themselves. That is why it is important to integrate you into our diet. 

Omega-3 Fatty acids are vital for the cell membrane of the body and thereby ensure stability of the cells and the moisture storage. So they are also good to prevent early skin aging and strengthen the natural barrier function of the skin. Omega-3 also acts against inflammatory processes in the skin, which can lead to small wrinkles and tissue decay. In the event of a lack of omega-3 fatty acids, the skin tends to be dry and even scare off in places.Omega 3 is also attributed to prevent heart disease.To get the right Omega-3 content, you should multiple times the week z. B.Avocados, walnuts, linseed or chia seeds (contain almost twice as muchOmega 3like salmon!) Eat.Especially as a vegan or vegetarian you should pay attention to this every daytablespoon To consume chia seeds or linseed oil (e.g. in the muesli). Rapese oil is recommendedAs a source atBakeWho also likesFish can eats z. B.Salmon, mackerel, tuna or sardines meal. Further GEsunde fatfindIhr in Coconuts and peanuts. 


With this article we want to give you an insight into your own body, or how it works and reacts - of course, no one knows your body better than yourself, so test what works best for you. Providing the body with important vitamins is important in every respect, not only with a view of the skin.Your body will be very grateful if you are careful with your diet. 

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