Wie du mit geschmeidigen Lippen durch den Winter kommst

How you can get through the winter with smooth lips

Im winter tend to do our lips, to become cracked and brittle. Itcan sometimes be very painful and seesNotespeciallyprettyout. In order toYou this wintersurvived with smooth lips, do we have alittle guidewritten. We want at BayageEnot only give tips but also educate, Wthereforeyou get dry lips at all and which ingredients work best. 

Why are our lips so sensitive?

The most obvious reason for dry lips in winter is that our lipsbe extremely stressed. Yourch the constantChange of temperature between thedryHeating airinsideandicycold outside Are our lipsespeciallysensitive. But let's take a closer look at our lips to learn more.In general is Our skin on the face was thinner and more sensitive, but oursLipsreach theMinimum of skin thickness. They haveno horny layer and are so thin that blood vessels shine through what the beautiful redColor gives. The skin of the lips hardly has their own skin pigments, which is why they are extremely sensitive to solar.In addition, our lips have noneValley glands so that the shooterEnd fat film is missing and the lips fasterdry out andrip. 

Asmaintenance Ithink Lips correct? 

The first thing you do when the lips are dry can be moistened with the tongue. But the saliva always evaporates and thus decreases even more moisture. To chew on the lips orto touch them continuously is not beneficial and should be avoided.   

The lips tension, become brittle and tear. It is advisable to counteract the whole thing right from the start, so you always apply the lips to apply or apply lip care. This is also the first therapeutic approach if there is a crack. In winter the circumstances shouldcorresponding a care can be used with a high dashing share. Water-heavy products that are often used in summer are not optimal because they freeze in the cold and the lipsrather Even more harm than they care. 

The myth that makes lip care addicted is wrong. It is a conventional “habituation effect”: man gets used to something and finds it unpleasant whenhe This feeling no longerHas. So you can do yours without hesitationnBalm Instruct. If youOnly in the morningA thin layer and only in the evening a thicker order is not so strong. 

Apart from atopical Lip care must be the nutrient balance in balance. A lack of iron and vitamin B2 can lead to dry lips, as can a lack of fluid. So it is also important to pay attention to nutrition and drink enough. 

Ultimately Should a UV-Protection are used on the lips, especially with snowWeather. Because just because the temperatures are falling does not mean that theyExpression of theLayers the sun. The snow reflects the sun and can thus the effectevenstill reinforce. 

Which ingredients should I atmine Lip care respect, think highly of? 

The ingredient paraffin is often used in lip care productsparaffin is obtained from oil and in studies often as questionable for the health declared. In additionparaffins are not biodegradable and therefore harmful to the environment. So pay attentiondeliberately On the ingredientsWhen choosing your care. Paraffins areby the wayto be found in the ingredients under the following names:PetrolatumCera Microcristallina Or Vaseline. 

Also microplastics such as B. polyethylene is often used. Both fabrics, paraffins and microplastics, form a film on our lips, whichr to lead to the fact thatthe lip skin can no longer breatheThe lips are, so to speaksealLT, soSA feeling arisesthey werewell maintained. JEdoch is deceptive because The actually necessary effectis notgiven and the problem of dry skin becomes in order to unsolved. 

Natural ingredients 

Of course, effective fabrics include fats and oils that can be obtained vegetable. Shea butter, cocoa butter,Jojoba- and castor oil, sowhe manyOther natural fats andÖle, sinD harmless and extremely nourishing. Also soothing substances likeBisabolol, the main active ingredientfrom Chamomile is recommended. 

Our Bayage BeautyThe Balm contains In addition to castor oil too valuableSqualanwhich provides sustainable moisture and vitamin e, thetheSkin aging through external influences, Like UV-A and UV-B radiationopposite. In addition, nourishing cocoa butter is enriched with a refreshing lime, eucalyptus andMint oil contain. 

With inflamed cracks, we recommend seeing a doctor. 

We hope this post will help you, around to get through the cold days with smooth lips. Give us feedback or write your own tips and tricks under the post - we look forward to it! 

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