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Cosmetic products sometimes contain many for people and the environment questionable or even harmful  Ingredients , which include mineral oil e  belong . _  Many of these ingredients  are extremely controversial and yet far too common in several to find products . With BAYAGE  BEAUTY  want  Act transparently and educate.  we _ do without ingredients that are considered concern and  put  a new standard  for clean cosmetics . It is our mission  you as To inform customers about certain topics of the industry . Today we look at s Mineral oils more precisely or ingredients ,  made from mineral oil. mineral oils  will in the cosmetics industry for over a hundred years used ,  but what exactly are mineral oils and why are they considered questionable in cosmetics ? 

What are mineral oils? 

The mineral oils used in cosmetic products are derived from petroleum. Petroleum is made from the remains of plant and animal matter manufactured, which were exposed to extremely high pressure and high temperatures deep in the earth's crust. So far it sounds quite natural or? But in order to be approved for cosmetics, the crude oil must first be purified. This is called refining. The crude oil goes through a number of steps and countless refining processes before it can be used in cosmetics. This process e are extremely harmful to the environment and dangerous at the same time . There have been several explosions in refineries, most recently in Germany in 2018. T he mineral oil found in skin care products is subjected to such extensive cleaning that there is hardly anything left of the original material . This purified material is also used in drug development. Vegetable oils are also purified before they can be used , but this process is much more environmentally friendly, safer and the by-products are mostly harmless. 

You can buy mineral oils under the following names in the Find in list of ingredients : 

  • paraffin liquid 
  • ceramic Microcristallina 
  • Petrolatum /Vaseline 
  • Microcristallina wax ceresin 
  • Mineral Oil , Ozokerites 

Why is mineral oil used in cosmetics? 

Mineral oil is extremely popular in the cosmetics industry . t differs from its starting material, crude oil it becomes clear. It is cleaned and processed in several steps. This is how colorless and odorless raw materials are created . 

Mineral oil can be used in various consistencies , such as wax or liquid oil , and is easy to process . Because it does not oxidize , it has a very long shelf life , which is extremely profitable for businesses . 

However, the deciding factor is the price. Mineral oil is much cheaper than high-quality vegetable alternatives. As such, it is used by many companies and many baby oils are made almost entirely of mineral oil . But also body lotions, soaps and shampoos often contain a high proportion of mineral oil .  

What effect do mineral oils have on our skin? 

Mineral oils only have a few positive effects on our skin. Mineral oil does not contain any vitamins, antioxidants or minerals. it exists made up of large, long-chain molecules that cannot be absorbed by the skin . So it settles down only on the skin . The resulting film prevents the skin from losing moisture and from external influences, such as e.g. B. protect against air pollutants, but the oil does not provide any moisture. 

The mineral oil has another decisive disadvantage - it closes the pores. So sebum and dirt is trapped, which in turn can lead to pimples and impurities. In addition, other ingredients with a caring effect cannot penetrate the skin . In the end , only the symptoms are alleviated in the short term and there is no lasting effect.  

Are mineral oils harmful or not? 

In principle , mineral oils are described as safe in the cosmetics industry if they go through a strict refining and purification process specified by the EU Cosmetics Regulation , which is known at all times. In a statement, the BfR wrote in 2018 : " According to the current state of scientific knowledge, from the point of view of the BfR , no health risks for consumers are to be expected when using cosmetic products on the skin ." However , the report has gaps and many things are very imprecise . 

First of all, a distinction must be made between two components of mineral oil: First, there are saturated hydrocarbons (MOSH), which make up the largest proportion and on the other hand aromatic hydrocarbons (MOAH). The latter is suspected of being carcinogenic when ingested by the body. There is currently no known cancer risk for MOSH, but the substance accumulates in the form of tiny granulomas , which are extremely inflammatory , in the fat, liver, spleen and lymph nodes. In this regard, there are still certain uncertainties in the health assessment for humans , which is why many institutes advise against using mineral oils topically . The MOAH assessment also describes “insufficient data” to completely rule out a potential cancer risk. 

I n the food industry, mineral oils are also a major unexplained topic. Printing inks containing mineral oil, recycled cardboard and food containers/packaging also get potentially harmful substances into our system. Large amounts of mineral oil ink residues from old newspapers are often found in recycled cartons . Mineral oils also get into our food in the manufacturing process . This is often the case, particularly with ready meals . However, there is only r Reference values ​​that could serve as a basis for assessment . 

Why is n't there such a benchmark in the cosmetics industry , we ask ourselves . 

Lipsticks, which are mainly based on mineral oils, are partially absorbed by the saliva when our lips are moistened with the tongue and thus enter our body. MOAH and MOSH can also get into our bodies through creams on our hands. These circumstances will other things not considered in the report but could lead to a new result . Many healthcare institutions advise against care and cosmetic products containing mineral oil , as well as decorative cosmetics . 

What effects does the use of mineral oil have on our environment? 

In addition to the effects on people , we also want to address the environment . It is well known that the extraction of petroleum , has negative consequences for the environment . There are various reasons for this. Starting with the search for crude oil , extraction, processing and transport , all steps affect our ecosystem . In addition to the many disasters that have occurred in connection with petroleum (explosions, oil spills, etc.), an additional 1 million tons of petroleum are released into the environment every year . Coasts, sea animals, coral reefs are immediately affected and thereby endangered . Added there are countless forests that are cut down for extraction, indigenous tribes that lose their homes , coastal regions that are converted into industrial areas. are in promotion oil leaks almost every day and contaminate bodies of water, soil and arable land. Refining crude oil is also harmful to the environment. Among other things, sulfur oxides, hydrocarbons and dust particles are released in the process. In addition , there is the refinery waste , which has to be processed further before it can be completely disposed of. 

What alternatives are there? 

With BAYAGE BEAUTY, on the one hand we want to explain why we do without certain ingredients and on the other hand about topics such as this attention create _ 

Today there are many herbal alternatives to ingredients containing mineral oil . They are usually rich in vitamins and antioxidants, care for and protect the skin at least as well , usually even better. Our BAYAGE BEAUTY THE BALM is based on cocoa butter and castor oil , both of which soothe irritated skin, moisturize and are rich in antioxidants. THE HAND CREAM relies on the rich juice of aloe vera and nourishing jojoba oil . The basis of many creams can be plant triglycerides ( also contained in the skin 's own sebum and very effective ) be replaced . This means that mineral oils can be completely dispensed with . Abandoning mineral oil is not only an environmentally friendly solution, but also has many benefits for human health. 

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