How to properly maintain your hands in autumn

Who does not know it - dry, brittle, even cracked hands in autumn and winter months. In a few weeks it will be time again: the days will be shorter, the air is darker tomorrow and the air dry and cold. But this time Bayage Beauty is on Done side and shows Dir how DU Dcan keep a hands smooth. 

First we want brief enlighten, Why do we get dry hands at all and do not dry out other skin areas. This is mainly due to the fact that our hands have fewer sebum glands than other parts of the body And our upper hand has a thinner layer of skin. So you generally have a weaker protective film and are more sensitive. A lot of hand washing and disinfecting, nail polish remover and cleaning agents are already strained enough. In addition still comes in winter permanent Temperature change from inside to outside and the dry, cold air. Our hands can do this just difficult alone withstand 

So here are 5 tips and tricks to maintain your hands and keep it smooth:

  1. Wear gloves - One or the other may do it anyway, the other forgets it In the morning in stress. In general, however, you should get used to it in winter gloves to attract, to protect your hands. 
  2. Be careful when washing your hands - Many hand soaps have an alkaline PH value which interrupt the natural protective film. So it is better to use neutral soaps, with nourishing ingredients such as Z.B. Yeah.
  3. Cream, cream, cream! That just can't be avoided! Pay attention to the ingredients, since many do not really moisture donate, but only a short -term feeling of of gentleness give. OurThe Hand Cream Contains rich Fabrics, They ensure that your hands are extensively cared for without leaving an oily film. 
  4. Night cure Just really thick in the evening Shea butter Or a large amount of Bayage The Hand Cream Instruct, then wrap your hands into a moist, warm cloth and let it work for 15 minutes. The warm cloth ensures that the pores on the hand open up somethingn and the cream/moisture can absorb better. 
  5. No hot water when washing your hands It's tempting your hands under the hot tap to warming up, When you arrive at home. However, hot water attacks the natural protective film much faster and removes natural fats and oils. 

WI hope that our tips make the winter months a little easier and your hands will remain smooth. Feel free to share your own tips and tricks in the comments under this post - we look forward to it! 

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