The Serum | Hyaluronic Boost


The new high tech ingredient Oligo-hyaluronan penetrates particularly deeply into the skin, gives deep moisture and visibly minimizes wrinkles. Combined with highly concentrated high-molecular and low molecular hyaluronic acid, the serum ensures a skin-uphill skin that is moisturized long-lasting and looks radiantly fresh. The complexion immediately looks more even, tightened and smoothed.
  • The highly effective combination of the three hyaluronic acids gives you a youthful-fresh complexion
  • The active ingredient complex made of fructooligosaccharides, beetroot extract, malachite extract, NATTO gum and glycerin protects the skin from environmental influences and ensures additional moisture
  • Use in the morning and evening under day care
  • Corresponds to the Bayage Clean Beauty Principles
  • Skin compatibility dermatologically approved

    Learn more about the effect and how it works under Active ingredient complex.