"With BAYAGE, we want to help improve togetherness a little bit."

Female Empowerment

With everything we do, we want to give a part back to society.

BAYAGE stands for a community. For conscious action and equality. As it is not yet a given in today's society, we want to encourage women to believe in their own strengths and to realize their vision and dreams.

In 2016, our founders Laura and Julian founded the non-profit association Juamii e.V., which supports schools in the slums of Nairobi/Kenya with clean solar energy and a sustainable self-sufficiency concept. During their stays in Kenya, they were particularly inspired by the women.

Julian Pabel  und Laura Noltemeyer beim Schulbesuch in Nairobi. Auf dem Gruppenfoto sind die Schulkinder der Tenderfeet School zu sehen in der ein Solarsystem installiert wurde.

Why women play a special role?

In the slums of Nairobi, the situation for most people is almost hopeless. There is little hope for a better future. But women in particular play a special role there, holding families and communities together. Despite the difficult circumstances and the unequal treatment in the country, the women have a great influence on the communities through their actions. Full of courage and selflessness, they run schools, small hospitals and orphanages. Many of them they have built themselves.

In doing so, the women support each other and always stick together in the difficult situation. The mutual support and the exchange among each other drives them forward. They learn from each other and give each other encouragement.

The effect on the communities is enormous. People are given hope and confidence.

Women Empowerment in Kenia. Frauen unterstützen sich gegenseitig und lernen gemeinsam.

What we do with BAYAGE?

For us, women are true heroines of society who are given too little attention. They still have to fight hard for simple rights and their already difficult situation is further complicated by many restrictions. That's why we want BAYAGE to bring about change and amplify the voices of women. Together with them, we want to drive development and advocate for their rights.

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