The fragrance experience

"Confident Bloom is our expressive fragrance, which underlines your femininity without being intrusive."

OurSignature Fragrance confident bloomIs a koMplexes composition made of floral fresh and light-sweet wooden notes.The subtle accents of rose, combined with jasmine and delicate swords, are covered by the invigorating freshness of the bergamot. Indian Patschuli underlines the naturalness of this fine fragrance.

The light and carefree interaction of the fragrance notes creates a feeling of relaxation, well -being, freshness and liveliness. A perfect fragrance for every situation.

WI have Confident Bloom together With a French Perfume developed, around eggn Fascinating fragrance experience To create for our products. 

Fragrance profile
Top note: aromatic bergamot
Cardiac grade: roses, jasmine, swords
Base note: Muschus, Indian Patschuli