"CONFIDENT BLOOM is our plush fragrance that accentuates your femininity without being intrusive."

Our signature fragrance CONFIDENT BLOOM is a sophisticated multi-layered composition of flowery freshness honed by a slightly sweet musk. The bouquet of subtle rose combined with jasmine and delicate iris is enriched with a hint of the revitalizing freshness of bergamot. The tenderness of Indian patchouli accentuates the natural aura of this sharp poignant fragrance.

The lively and carefree interplay of the scents conveys the feeling of relaxation, comfort, freshness and liveliness. A perfect fragrance for every occasion.

We developed CONFIDENT BLOOM together with a French perfumer to create a fragrance devoted to sophisticated, bold, and dazzling women.

Fragrance profile

Top note: aromatic bergamot
Heart notes: roses, jasmine, iris
Base note: musk, Indian patchouli