Copy of the why

"Let's get great things together!"

BOld [ˈBoʊLD] | AMBitouus [Æmˈbɪʃəs] | VoYage [ˈVɔɪɪdʒ]

Mindfulness and appreciation for themselves and others form the basic values ​​in which our thinking and acting is based. We are convinced that these two things are the basic requirements for a positive mindset that enables everything.

The message of our Bayage brand expresses what drives us: together full of courage, ideas, ambitions and passion to go on the way to do and experience great things.

We want with our products to you Exactly make this trip a bit more beautiful, lighter and better.

You got this!

Clean beauty

Every single product is manufactured according to the highest quality standards in Germany and goes through the strictest quality controls. 

All products correspond to the 7 Bayage Clean Beauty Principles: 

  • VEGAN 
  • Animal -friendly
  • Free of silicones 
  • Free of sulfate 
  • Free of microplastics 
  • Free of mineral oils 

Animal experiments are prohibited for European cosmetics manufacturers. In some countries outside the EU, animal experiments are not yet prohibited or sometimes prescribed. That is why we want to continue to put animal welfare into the focus of consumers.


Made in Germany

In order to ensure our high quality standards, we have decided to manufacture our products in a German manufactory.

We have decided not only to produce in Germany because of the high quality standards, but also the environment. In this way we can keep the delivery routes particularly short and improve ecological footprint.


Our shipping boxes are individually and simple. We do without plastic adhesive tape and instead use a self -adhesive box. 

The filling material consists of 100% recycled paper and is awarded the "blue angel". 

For our prints we work with a sustainable printing company. Only resource -saving materials are used and emission arm is produced. Mineral oil -containing colors were replaced by sustainable raw materials.