Active ingredient complex

The Mask | Pink Clay & Sea Water will give you an incredible feeling of freshness and purity after the first application.

Deep cleaning
Fine -grained purple tonerde (Kaolin) contains trace elements and minerals that have a cleaning effect. They remove gently excess sebum and dirt. The skin is clarified, impurities removed and prevented and clogged pores freed.

Gently donates moisture
The active ingredient complex of evening primrose and peach core oil is rich in essential unsaturated fatty acids, which the body cannot produce itself and contains vitamin E, which preserves the skin from environmentally related aging. Combined with panthenol and aloe vera, the mask of the skin gives the skin sustainably moisture, smoothes and gives a fresh rosy complexion.

Remineralized the skin and has a pore -purely effect
The deep -sea water contained is obtained near the French island of Noirmoutier. It is rich in valuable minerals, has a detoxifying and remineralizing at the same time. The skin looks more radiant and the complexion is refreshed.

Tightens the skin
The power ingredient caffeine tightens the skin and promotes blood circulation. Irritated skin areas are calmed down while menthol gently cools the skin.