Active ingredient complex

The Mask | Intense Hydation Hyaluronic Acid & Squalane will immediately moisten your skin deeply and give you a fresh even complexion.

Gives moisture intensively and deeply.
Hyaluron oligosaccharides (also Oligo hyaluron) penetrates into the deepest layers of the skin and supplies the skin with moisture from the inside. That Low molecular hyaluron People also penetrate deep into the skin and stores the moisture in the connective tissue.High molecular hyaluronic acid Forms a moisturizing layer on the skin and thus ensures a fresh complexion.

It causes the synthesis of skin's own hyaluron, collagen and elastin and thus improves the natural regeneration of the skin.

Soothes irritated skin areas
Aloe vera calms the skin and visibly reduces inflammation and redness. Organic argan oil and organic almond oil contains vegetable flavonoids and thus has an antibacterial and disinfectant effect. Due to the valley -regulating effect, it is particularly suitable for impure and oily skin.

Bio-almond oil is very similar to the skin's own oils, so that the ingredients it contains can penetrate deeper into the skin. Linolic acid (Omega 6) provides sustainable moisture and promotes various metabolic processes.

Antixidative and regenerative has an antioxidant
Tocopherol (vitamin E), magnolia bark extract counteracts oxidative cell damage and calms irritated skin. Soybeans extract ensures an even complexion. The marine water it contains is a deep sea water of the island of Noiroutier in France. It is rich in valuable minerals and is detoxifying and remineralizing at the same time. The skin looks more radiant and the complexion is refreshed.

Minimizes small wrinkles
Hyaluronic acid padded from the inside and relieves dryness wrinkles. Caffeine revives and tightens the skin.