Sauti Kutoka Africa | Children's voices from the slums of Nairobi

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Sauti Kutoka Africa is Swahili and loosely translated means Voices from Africa . These are the voices of children from the slums of Nairobi. These are voices that we would like to make heard with this book. They tell us about life in the slums, about school and about their dreams for the future. Some of the children also share their favorite African stories with us. Listen carefully, because the children have a lot to say.

To make the children's voices more understandable, the book contains an introduction about Kenya, Nairobi and the life of the people in the slums.

In addition, the engagement of Juamii e.V. in the schools of the slums is presented.

Authors: Bischoff, Dr. Martin / Pabel, Julian

Note on shipping: Proceeds go to the BCC School in Nairobi: Therefore, we cannot offer free shipping on this article. Currently, only one copy can be shipped per order. If additional copies are desired, please email us at

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