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Immerse yourself in the world of Bayage and get ready for the best skin of your life: With our trial set you can now test our popular facial care products extensively and choose your new favorite products.

The trial set consists of four 2 ml sachts. Each Sachet is suitable for approx. 1 - 2 applications:

The Mask | Pink Clay & Sea Water
Cleaning purple tonerde ensures a refined complexion by taking out excess sebum. Combined with fine sea water, the power ingredient caffeine and valuable evening primrose oil, the mask protects against harmful environmental influences, remineralized the skin and thus ensures a brightened, watchful complexion. Panthenol, aloe vera and peach core oil provide long -lasting moisture. The skin is cleaned and feels softer immediately. The pores are refined and the complexion shines rosy fresh.

    The Mask | Intense hyaluronic acid & squalane
    The composition of three deep-effective hyaluronic acids and squalan oil provides intensive and sustainable moisture. Soothing aloe vera, organic almond oil and organic argan oil give an incomparably soft skin feeling. Highly mineralized deep -sea foundation water of the island of Noiroutier in front of the Atlantic coast of France revitalizes the skin. The power ingredient caffeine promotes blood circulation, tightens the skin and thus ensures an even, fresh complexion. The skin feels silky-soft after the first application, small wrinkles are reduced. The complexion immediately looks healthier and more radiant.

    The Serum | Skin Perfecting Niacinamide, Zink PCA & Maca
    The special active ingredient complex Contains highly concentrated Niacinamide, which antioxidant effects, irritations reduced and the skin structure refined. That zinc Pca regulates sebum production and promotes the healing process of irritated skin. Maca stimultiply cell metabolism and counteract the skin aging process. The result Is a pure and refined as well more even and even more even Skin picture. Small lines and wrinkles are reduced.

    The Serum | Radiant Glow & Vitamin C
    Stabilized vitamin C in its most gentle form from orange shells offers antioxidant protection against environmental influences and light -related skin aging, reduces pigment spots and thus improves the complexion. The active ingredient complex with vegetable silicon from the millet and tannin from the oak promotes collagen synthesis and revitalizes the microstructure of the skin for a youthful and healthy charisma. The caffeine has a decongestant and tightening. The result is a revitalized, tight and naturally radiant skin as well as an even complexion.

    The Healthy Glow | Highlighting & Moisturizing Drops
    Get the noble luxury glow! The recipe with natural mineral shimmering gives your skin a healthy and silky shine. At the same time, aloe vera and beetroot extract donate additional moisture. The vegan silk, which is produced according to a patented process, protects your skin long -lasting from environmental influences. The result is a naturally bright shine.

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    100% effectiveness

    All recipes are developed in cooperation with leading beauty experts and dermatologists. The result is highly effective and compatible active ingredient complexes. You will feel the difference!

    100% clean

    All of our products follow the Bayage Clean Beauty Principles. This means that they are vegan, animal -friendly and free of microplastics, mineral oil, parabens, sulfates and silicones. We only use the highest quality and most natural ingredients.

    100% change

    We set the highest standard for Clean Beauty, because for us "Clean" means to produce "clean" and "compatible" cosmetics with safe and effective ingredients. The education and transparency about our cosmetic products are particularly important to us.

    "Everyone pays attention to their diet today, but less on what you absorb through your skin. That is our mission to change."

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    Our products are manufactured in our manufactory in Germany.

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    We develop all products in Germany in cooperation with dermatologists and leading beauty experts.

    100% clean beauty

    From the ground up to self -developed recipes. Vegan, animal -friendly and free of mineral oils.