Anti tired Skin set

This set against tired skin for the freshness kick in the morning or after a long day, consisting of:

The Mask | Intense hyaluronic acid & squalane (50 ml) is a composition of three depth-effective hyaluronic acids and squalan oil that provides intensive and sustainable moisture. Soothing aloe vera, organic almond oil and organic argan oil give an incomparably soft skin feeling. Highly mineralized deep -sea foundation water of the island of Noiroutier in front of the Atlantic coast of France revitalizes the skin. The power ingredient caffeine promotes blood circulation, tightens the skin and thus ensures an even, fresh complexion. The skin feels silky-soft after the first application, small wrinkles are reduced. The complexion immediately looks healthier and more radiant.

Our The Serum | Hyaluronic Boost (30 ml) contains the new high tech ingredient oligo hyaluron, which penetrates particularly deeply into the skin, donates deep moisture there and visibly minimizes folds. Combined with highly concentrated high-molecular and low molecular hyaluronic acid, the serum ensures a skin-uphill skin that is moisturized long-lasting and looks radiantly fresh. The complexion immediately looks more even, tightened and smoothed.

The Serum | Radiant Glow & Vitamin C (30 ml) With stabilized vitamin C in its most gentle form from orange shells, antioxidant protection against environmental influences and light -related skin aging, reduces pigment spots and thus improves the complexion. The active ingredient complex with vegetable silicon from the millet and tannin from the oak promotes collagen synthesis and revitalizes the microstructure of the skin for a youthful and healthy charisma. The caffeine has a decongestant and tightening. The result is a revitalized, tight and naturally radiant skin as well as an even complexion.