CloudCloth is part of a long tradition in British skincare. Cotton cloths were used in British facial care many hundreds of years ago and were rediscovered in 2017 as a sustainable alternative to cotton pads by Catherine Parker. Catherine then founded CloudCloth and developed the unique cleansing wipes in partnership with a traditional British cotton weaver. The combination of a sensitive side and a gently exfoliating side, makes the cloth innovative and unique.

The cloths are processed and sewn in Manchester. Afterwards they are carefully packed by us in Hamburg.

CloudCloths are now used by skincare professionals, beauty artists, spas and customers at home and were previously only available in the UK, Australia and the USA. For the first time in Germany, CloudCloth is now available at BAYAGE BEAUTY!

At CloudCloth, altruism, mindful consumption and sustainability are at the heart of their ethos. They recently partnered with the organization Trees for Life to create a grove to help rebuild the Scottish Highlands. With CloudCloth, you're not only making a contribution to your skincare routine, you're also supporting the people who work to protect the environment.