A part of our proceeds go to the Juamii Organisation.
The NGO was founded in 2016, by Laura and Julian, and pursues the mission of giving people in poverty-stricken areas a chance for a better future through sustainable concepts.

Female leadership

With all our actions, we want to give back to society. But we don’t just want to hand over a portion and then watch from a distance. We want to lend a hand and be active members of social change.

BAYAGE doesn't just stand for high-quality products, but for community. We especially want to stand up for heroines of our society.

Why Kenya?

Almost five years ago our founding members, Laura and Julian, founded a non-profit organization and have since supported school children from the slums of Nairobi/Kenia with clean energy and a sustainable self-sufficiency concept. They have already successfully given three schools, with more than 1,300 children, access to clean renewable energy. 

Juamii Tenderfeet NGO

Why women play such an important role?

We were particularly inspired by local women. We had the opportunity to meet many of the women personally and hear their stories. They built and started their own churches, schools, children’s homes, and clinics. They sacrifice all their energy without any financial return. Many large organizations and charities do not see or acknowledge them, yet they are local heroines. Due to their difficult living situations and to their daily challenges, they’ve acquired certain skills with which they use to cope with even the toughest obstacles.

Women Leadership Training in Kenya


We partnered with the Manasprings Organization, which is specialized in leadership training, and have now brought together more than 300 women from different regions in Kenya. These women have in turn had a strong influence on their respective communities. Their mission is bringing women together who sacrifice themselves for their communities in order to further educate them. At the same time, these women have the opportunity to share and exchange knowledge amongst themselves. The women inspire each other and give hope to others, which is an extremely important contribution to the community.

All together, we want to drive change and help those in our community who need it the most.

Women Empowerment Kenya NGO