About Clean Beauty

Animal experiments have been banned for some time by the cosmetic regulation for European manufacturers. Nevertheless, we are working on going beyond the legal requirements for animal welfare and want to draw attention to the topic.

Bayage Clean Beauty goes beyond that: We are working hard to make our products as resource-efficient as possible. For example, we do not use aluminum laminate tubes. The use of the products also plays a major role in the responsibility of resources. The Handcream can be almost completely emptied by innovative airless technology-no leftovers, no more tube cutting!

Tests on animals have been prohibited for some time. However, we find it important to address this topic. For the following two reasons:

  1. We want to continue to draw attention to this because animal welfare is an issue that is important to consumers.
  2. In the course of product development from the family and acquaintances, we were confronted so often with the question that we have reached the following knowledge: Apparently, consumers do not know anything about the ban, which in our opinion should urgently change!