"With BAYAGE we want to contribute to improve the togetherness a little bit."

A part of our proceeds goes to the organization Juamii e.V..

The NGO was founded by two of our founding members in 2016 and pursues the mission of giving people in poor neighborhoods a chance at a better future through sustainable concepts.

Female Leadership

With everything we do, we want to give back to society. But we don't just want to watch from afar, we want to get involved and actively drive change.

So BAYAGE stands not only for high-quality products, but for a community. In particular, we want to champion heroines in our society.

Why Kenya?

Our founders Laura and Julian have already founded a non-profit association almost 5 years ago and since then they support school children from the slums of Nairobi/Kenya with clean energy and a sustainable self-sufficiency concept. They have already successfully provided three schools with more than 1300 children access to sustainable energy.

Juamii Tenderfeet NGO

Why do women play a special role?

We were particularly inspired by the local women. We have personally met so many women who have started their own small communities, schools, children's homes and clinics. They sacrifice themselves with all their strength without receiving anything in return financially. They are not seen by the big organizations and aid projects, but they are local heroines. Through their difficult living conditions and daily challenges, they have acquired skills that enable them to overcome even the most difficult challenges.

Women Leadership Training in Kenya

Our partner organization Manasprings specializes in leadership training and has now brought together more than 300 women in Kenya from different regions of the country, who in turn have a strong impact on their respective communities. Their mission is to bring together the women of the country who sacrifice themselves for their communities in order to impart knowledge to them. At the same time, they create an exchange among themselves. The women inspire each other and give each other hope, which is a hugely important contribution to the community.

Together we want to drive change and help people who urgently need help.

Women Empowerment Kenya NGO