Instant Glow Effect
Mica is a naturally occurring mineral with a radiant glow. The silky shimmering pigments gently settle on the skin, creating a golden glow on the skin. Radiance is instantly refreshed and the complexion takes on a silky glow.

Deeply moisturizes
Glycerin moisturizes even deeper skin layers and keeps the skin soft and firm. The active ingredient complex of black oats and lecithin contains water-binding ingredients that are deposited on the surface of the skin, thus preventing moisture loss and making the skin soft and supple.

Supports the natural skin barrier
The contained panthenol ensures that the natural elasticity of the skin is improved. It contributes to cell renewal and strengthens the natural barrier function of the skin surface. This allows the skin to regenerate and appear radiantly fresh.

Has an antibacterial and mattifying effect
Zinc PCA occurs naturally in the skin where it exerts a wide range of biological activities. Combined with bio-alcohol, it has an antimicrobial effect and helps regulate sebum production to provide an immediate feeling of freshness.